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And so does the fic!

Unfortunately, most of Angel's harddrive does not.

This means we have half a chapter, half of our plot, and half of our contest fics in the limbo that is cleared memory. 


We're working hard to catch up, but please be kind. We're terribly, terribly sorry to make you wait.


Chapter Three: Dwelling on the Past

Chapter title: Dwelling on the Past
Rating: M
Warning(s): None
Word count: 3076
Summary: Sokka needs to get away…but he's being followed by a nagging doubt.
Author's notes:

MJ did it all, I didn't even add my own bit this time. I probably won't be writing for this anymore. She doesn't need me--she's better than that. Give her all the credit and... just enjoy it, everyone.

Once you have all disregarded what my dear disillusioned friend said, please, stand and give her some applause.
And blame this long wait on a LJ cut that has it in for us.


Contest Fics: silly_izzy_me

Request: Jun (appearance in Book One: Water, Chapter Fifteen: Bato of the Water Tribe)
Author's notes:
So. Much. Fun.

And that's where you come in.Collapse )


Contest Fics: QueenOfTheCute

Angel is going to help with these, too. I just wrote this one first :P

Request: Fire Sage Shyu (appearance in Book One: Water, Chapter Eight: Avatar Roku)
Author's notes:
Inspiration was immediate. (And the more I read it, the more it fits.) Hope you enjoy!


Two living statues.Collapse )




Bad news: Angel's IM crashed.
Badder news: We now have preciously few ways of contacting each other.
Big Bad Wolf of bad news: You are still Chapter 3-less D:

The first four people to comment on this post will get a one-shot of the minor character of thier choice within the PC timeline.

Terribly, terribly sorry for the delay :(

Fanart Contest!

The next chapter is pretty much done!  MJ and I have just been missing each other constantly (IT DOESN'T HELP THAT I PASS OUT AFTER WORK, TOO), so revisions have yet to take place.  We're very sorry for the delay.  Hopefully, we'll have chapter three up by tomorrow or so!

In the mean time, we're offering a fan art contest!


-Draw a scene from The Other War (chapter two).  It doesn't have to be perfect or anything--this is for fun!  Color, black and white, doesn't matter~
-Post it in the comm for viewing!  We want to see your lovely art<3
-You have a week to turn in your entries.  Afterwards, MJ and I shall be SUPREMELY AWESOME JUDGES.

Winner shall receive a drabble!  You can pick any minor character within the series, and we shall write a small piece telling of what they've been up to in the PC timeline.

Remember to have fun with this, everyone~


(As if you're not sick of me already :P)

I'd like to inform you all that Power Corrupts will undergo weekly-ish updates. A week is about the time it takes for us to write up a chapter, and usually, they go like this:
  • Plot chat to divide the sections ("separation of powers" haha)
  • Writing/exchanging
  • Leaving the house and eating every once in a while
  • Doing obligatory stuff that isn't writing Power Corrupts or chatting about Power Corrupts or spacing out in school thinking about Power Corrupts
And then we have a chat party to post and squee over reviews (we squee a lot), and that night is when you get your updates.

However, due to personal lives (we have them?!) and how complex/long the chapter is, you may get your update more or less than in a week.


That's all for now!


Chapter Two: The Other War

Chapter title: The Other War
Rating: M
Warning(s): None
Word count: 3522
Summary: Peace is apparently in the eyes of the beholder.
Author's notes:
Well. Let me just say that this chapter ate my soul. And then coughed it up and chewed some more, just for re-tasting purposes. Bon appetit!

MJ did a great job on this part, capturing the constant travels of the recently escaped Azula~ She gave it her all, even when it was hard to stretch it out! I merely added a few short parts that I felt was necessary to help Azula develop, namely the scene with the boy <3 OH NO. IT'S MY TURN, NEXT CHAPTER. D:

Chapter One: Celebration

Chapter title: Celebration
Rating: M
Warning(s): None this time!
Word count: 3088
Summary: A battered soul finally manages to escape on the night of a long-awaited celebration.
Author's notes:
Angel is really pushing me with this.
~MJ, who never thought she'd actually attempt to write a story

I kind of loved writing Azula's part... just trying to capture how different--and yet how the same, she was. OH DRAMA. And MJ captured the older!gaang so well!<33
She wondered vaguely how much blood had been spilled... to make it such a lovely shade.Collapse )


Chapter Title: Prologue

Rating: M

Warning(s): None

Word count: 316

Summary: They were only rumors…weren't they?

Author's notes: 
heyyoitsmj showed me this... and I just knew I had to be a part of it! The idea alone was awesome, and when she mentioned that she was thinking of writing it...! It just sounded like too much fun to pass up!

I presented this on a whim, totally (well, mostly) kidding.
I guess some things are meant to be taken too far.